A Family Law Attorney Can Help You Solve Issues With Your Spouse

By Andrew Stratton Familial issues can be difficult to deal with. Trying to solve most problems alone, without legal counsel, is not advised. It is usually best to get someone involved who is not a relative, like a family attorney. This type of lawyer typically helps solve issues related to divorce, though other familiar problems […]

Bankrupt Spouses and Divorce

By Andrew John Dutton Financial difficulties and the breakdown of a marriage often run together. It is very far from unknown for one of the spouses to be facing bankruptcy at the time of a divorce. So what would be the effect of a bankruptcy order on the financial settlement and division of the family […]

Splitting a Retirement Plan After Divorce

If you are going through a divorce and splitting assets, you are probably focusing on the most apparent items, such as your house, car, bank accounts. But, have you thought about your retirement plans, such as 401(k)s, IRAs and pensions? If a spouse acquired any of these items during the marriage, then it is considered […]

What to Do If You Are Charged With a DUI

By Mark E. Godbey Often, when people are charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence (DUI), they consider defending themselves or using a public defender. Sometimes hiring an attorney may not be your best choice; however, when it comes to DUI charges, a lawyer will make a big difference. Cost is one of […]

The Drunk Drivers DUI Attorney Guide

By Charles Buxton If you have been charged with a DUI offense, then you need to read this article before you go to court. If you are thinking of representing yourself, stop and think again. DUI defense is not a “do it yourself” project. Instead, you need to find a lawyer that specializes in DUI […]