By Justin DiMateo A family law attorney can help any family with the various problems that arise throughout the lifetime of a family. Those problems can be divorce, child custody, child support, child visitation, domestic violence, marital assets, spousal support, restraining orders and much more. A family is the foundation of the United States and […]

Author: Grant C. Travis Pennsylvania treats second time DUI offenders more harshly than first time offenders, particularly with respect to mandatory minimum jail sentences. You should be aware that the PA DUI penalties and the mandatory minimum jail sentences are significantly increased for a PA DUI second offense. If you thought it was rough being […]

Will You Lose Your License as a Result of a PA DUI?

Author: Grant C. Travis Have you been arrested and charged with a DUI? No doubt you have a lot of questions. The PA DUI arrest process is certainly overwhelming. You have little chance to make sense of what’s happening to you, much less ask questions. During the PA DUI arrest process, it may feel like […]

Pittsburgh PA DUI Information

Author: Benson Senator If you have been arrested for a DUI in Pittsburgh, PA, you are most likely going to need a proven attorney to defend your rights. Receiving a DUI Pennsylvania can also be referred to as drunk driving, driving while impaired (DWI) or the new driving after imbibing (DAI). DUI laws in PA […]

The Biggest Misconception About Divorce And How To Avoid It

When we think about the precious events the mark our lives, we don’t tend to put divorce on that list. In reality, we are all reluctant enthusiasts when it comes to divorce. But once we get over the first hurdle of accepting that our marriage should end, we often get a second wind that spurs […]

Eight Ways You Hurt Your Own Personal Injury Case

By Mark Napier 1. You Admit Fault to the Investigating Officer. While you should not lie or distort facts, often it is not so clearcut as to who may have been at fault for an auto accident or other injury accident, such as a construction injury or defective product or machinery. Fault is based on […]